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Poster: bluedevil Date: Jul 27, 2007 6:16pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Hunter's prophecy/warning/plea....

I wanted to post as an attachment, but I keep being told it's too big as an attachment (I know that Tigerbolt can work around that). Anyway, I have typed out the message from Hunter that went out the 1988 spring tour mail order info [came with the tix]

Dear Deadheads:
Here we are sitting on top of the,world: big.record, open doors and lots of steaming plans. This raises the question of who we are - the answer is: partly us, partly you. Our part is to provide the music and logistics of the Grateful Dead experience; your part is to have one hell of a good time without anyone getting hurt or sore, which is what this
trip is mostly about.

Our current situation demands that we provide our part to growing numbers who are beginning to catch on to what you knew all along.

There is no blanket solution to the problems caused by increasing demand and there is no turning back. We are now the biggest "draw" in the history of rock and roll.
That's not a self congratulatory statement, rather a bald fact showing the seriousness of our logistical problem. The good old days when we were your personal minstrels have
been overshadowed by a new reality which MUST addressed. We are not a political, religious nor grass roots movement; not a counter culture, drug culture nor the latest big shakes snatch and run glamor act- we are a symbtotic fun machine designed to get 1O,O0O or more heads straight at a pop.

We don't want to be consigned to doing only stadium gigs but, in order to play smaller venues, our friends must heed our pleas to not attend certain shows without tickets. Otherwise, cities will simply not rent us their facilities and that will be that.

Many doors have been closed to us in the last several months due to the trash and boogie behavior of new fans who have no regard for the way the Dead do things.

Environments as large as those which we are called upon to provide must be controlled or we will be responsible for the ensuing pandemonium.

Some of the changes we are making are for our benefit, others are for yours. Frankly, we don't intend to hand over a big portion of the bread we need to run this operation to organized crime. This is no joke, there are some big time heavies muscling in. Follow the cigar smoke. Hence we are forced into a tighter structuring of merchandising. What began as a spontaneous vagabond marketplace has devolved into a competitive and obnoxious full scale illegal rip off, squeezing out the gypsy deadheads and offering violence to rival merchandisers. We intend to step on it hard!

Whenever venues allow it, good people will still be allowed to make road money dealing artifacts-all you gotta do is ask for permission. You keep what you make, or give us a cut if you deal our trademarks. Fair and simple.

Tapers, as you may know by now, are assigned certain sections because they are so touchy. We let you tape for free and love it when you exchange tapes. But if anybody asks for more than the price of the blank tape, they are playing a different game.

If you can keep your sense of proportion and understand that we are doing what must be done to ensure our rights and yours, we gratefully invite you to experience the unexpected era of Mega Dead-dom. Take it with the grain of salt it deserves and enjoy watching the ripples as our personal tributary begins mingling with larger currents. It's just as weird for us as it is for you, but, after all, this wasn't meant to be a private party!

Robert Hunter

The bottom of the page states in all caps: COUNTERFEIT TICKET WARNING and notes over 350 people got turned away at New Years due to bogus tix.

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Poster: He Live's Date: Jul 27, 2007 8:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Hunter's prophecy/warning/plea....

thanks for posting was a fun read. i love the language of the whole thing, coming from their lyricist no less! that is VERY close to the heart. this is no kind of publicist diatribe...this is straight from the horse's mouth. i dont know of any earlier instances when the "band" issued "A STATEMENT" regarding "the scene." maybe one of those cranky old heads that post here like MR ghostofpig can let us know about any ancient missives. and i think as it got more serious in subsequent years, as gen x reared it's ugly head, these kind of things came from PHIL. it was like, last straw!!! --- HEY ASSHOLES, PHIL HERE, STRAIGHTEN THE FUCK UP OR PARTY'S CANCELLED....but he said it in a slightly more diplomatic fashion.

but most on this forum can relate to this i imagine, from all the attention that is paid here to the '80s shows....having gone to my first shows in '88 -- brendan byrne, nassau, msg, boston garden, high gate, pittsburgh -- i remember these kind of things well. there seemed to be always a bunch of bullshit -- like, you felt at the time that going to a show was remotely DANGEROUS -- you were entering a different world. honestly, at the outset that was part of the appeal. of course, the deep love of the music is born with the experience of a show, but only evolves through the listening to so many hours of tape in a smoked out car in a dead end or a beach parking lot...

anyway, everyone knew the deal by this point -- it just so happened that the carnival attracted all types and society done changed -- the 60s is looooonnng ago. i guess they went through some logistical nightmares with the wall of sound that forced a temporary "retirement," but now they had successfully maintained the carnival juggernaut for so long that they were a societal force with repercussions beyond the control of their security company: THE HELL'S ANGELS!!!

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Poster: nagdot Date: Jul 28, 2007 7:55am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Hunter's prophecy/warning/plea....

i notice every once in awhile you associate the hells angels with violence.makes sense i spose to use them as security due to the respect they demand.they are pretty right on ppl from all walks of life.more violence comes from wannabe gangsters these days.if you havent been checkin out the news. adults have been robbing young children.whether its on the way to the store for mom or lemonade stands.we all need to step up and end this b4 these kids get seriously injured.stop by their stands even if you arent thirsty, give them some money and encouragement.if you see a child walkin alone try to keep an eye on them.they are the future.and dont just stop there, do something nice for someone,it feels pretty good knowin you did.sorry for the hijack

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Poster: ghostofpig Date: Jul 28, 2007 5:47am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Hunter's prophecy/warning/plea....

I will remember that at the next Dead show I go to. :)